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Jewelry Care

We take great pride in our quality, while giving you our best design and price, but like everything care must be taken to ensure the longevity of your jewelry. We list the materials we use in each individual listing. Please see below how to properly care for your new bling. 

 Remove all jewelry when using hand sanitizer. The alcohol will damage even solid 14k Gold. 

Heavy 14K Gold over Brass or Rhodium over Brass: While we are using the best of best in a thick micron of gold plating with an additional clear coat, proper care must be taken! The biggest culprits are your skin and the metal reacting with sweat, oils, lotions, etc. Remove when washing your hands, showering, swimming, exercise, etc. Don't put hand sanitizer, lotion or perfume on while wearing your jewelry. Wipe down with a cotton ball after wearing, and store dry in a baggie between wear.

Gold Filled: Like we have been saying since 2012, this material is the shit if you are looking for solid gold without the solid gold price tag! Wear it everyday in everyway, you are good! If we could do all of our designs in gold filled we would, but this material is very limited in how it we can purchase, design, and form it. Just use a polishing cloth or warm Dawn dish soap scrub if needed. 

Rhodium over Sterling: This is solid sterling silver with a thin Rhodium coating over it, basically keep it bright and shiny and not darken or oxidize if left out in the air. To keep the Rhodium coating strong, please follow the same instructions as Rhodium over Brass.

Sterling Silver: This is solid .925 Sterling Silver so wearing your silver everyday is actually doing you a favor! Silver naturally develops a tarnish when left out to the elements. This is super easy to brighten with a polishing cloth or chemical silver polish (not with stones), but the best way to keep shiny and new is to wear regularly and store in an airtight baggie when not wearing. 


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